We learn as much as possible about an issue, develop a comprehensive political strategy, apply our policy expertise and work diligently to achieve our clients’ goals.

Policy-Oriented Advocacy

Our approach is simple and demanding. We learn as much as possible about a client’s issue, apply our resources to develop a comprehensive political strategy, bring our policy expertise and experience to bear and work tirelessly to achieve our clients’ goals. To assist our clients, we use the following methods:

Issue Management
KP conducts background research to understand the client’s business so that we can effectively manage the issue at all levels and deliver winning message development, testimony preparation and presentations.

Legislative and Regulatory Issue Tracking and advocacy
Tracking issues is critical to identifying when and where legislation or regulation may emerge that could affect a client’s business.

Ally Recruitment and Coalition Building
When tackling an issue in the state government, it is often beneficial to enable many voices to carry the same message. KP successfully builds lobbying coalitions while managing public affairs and grassroots efforts.

Bill Drafting and Bill Analysis
KP analyzes legislation to better understand how a proposed bill will affect a client’s bottom line. We draft legislation to advance the specific goals and objectives that will serve our clients’ interests most effectively.

Budget Advocacy (Budget Practice)
KP follows the state budget throughout its various steps and advises clients on the business impact of proposed budget items and related funding issues. KP understands how funding is allocated, the ways budget bill language is shaped, and the impact that fees and public spending can have on our clients’ interests.