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Eric Newman

Contact Information
1201 K Street, Suite 800
Sacramento, CA 95814
Direct: 916-498-7763
Main: 916-448-2162
Fax: 916-448-4923
E-Mail: enewman@ka-pow.com

Professional Experience

Mr. Newman has 28 years of experience representing clients before the California Legislature, the Governor’s Office and state and local regulatory agencies on a full spectrum of public policy issues, including business, state and local government, land use, environmental, water, energy, budget and fee matters.

For the past 17 years, Mr. Newman has worked as a government affairs attorney and lobbyist at KP Public Affairs and has been a partner at KP for the past 10 years. At KP, Mr. Newman has focused on solid and hazardous waste management, recycling, environmental remediation, local and state governance, air quality, the California Environmental Quality Act, land use and development, surface water and drinking water regulation, Proposition 65, and green chemistry matters, as well as a host of other environmental and non-environmental issues.

Mr. Newman works regularly with the California Legislature, the Governor’s Office, Cal EPA and its member agencies, the local air and water districts, the State Energy Commission, the Business and Transportation Agency, the Health and Human Affairs Agency, the Department of Public Health, and numerous other state and local government entities on a diverse set of public policy issues. Mr. Newman's clients include aerospace, manufacturing, insurance, and waste management businesses and other major corporate players, as well as small and medium sized companies and public institutions. Recently, Mr. Newman coordinated high stakes and high visibility coalitions on green chemistry legislation and regulation and on hexavalent chromium and perchlorate drinking water regulation.

Prior to joining KP Public Affairs in 1996, Mr. Newman practiced for eleven years (nine as a partner) as an environmental compliance attorney, government affairs specialist and lobbyist for the San Francisco-based law firm of Landels, Ripley & Diamond. Mr. Newman started his legal career in 1981 at Rutan and Tucker, in Orange County as a land use litigator in state and federal courts, and as an Assistant City Attorney for the cities of Irvine, Laguna Beach, San Clemente, Villa Park and San Fernando.


Mr. Newman received his Bachelor of Arts Degree from UC Davis in economics and in political science-public service in 1977, was awarded special merit honors as the top graduate in both majors, and finished in the upper one percent of the graduating class. In 1981 Mr. Newman received a Juris Doctor Degree from King Hall School of Law at UC Davis, where he finished with high honors.