KP’s talented professionals bring extensive experience and knowledge in many issue areas under one roof.

Broad Expertise

At the onset of our relationship with a client, we devote the time necessary to develop a comprehensive understanding of your business needs. Knowledge is what makes the governmental process work – knowledge of the rules, the issues and the people involved. It is a system that rewards creativity. KP offers noteworthy expertise in the following areas:

Climate Change (AB 32)
The California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, known as Assembly Bill 32, will profoundly change the way business is conducted in California and possibly the nation. AB 32 requires everyone doing business in California to reduce its carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by an aggregate of 25% over the next decade. The legislation delegates unprecedented authority to the California Air Resources Board to establish mandatory caps for significant emission reductions. By staying on top of the latest AB 32 developments, KP can serve as an extended resource providing your business with critical information, advocacy and public relations services. AB 32 Brochure 

Two bills, SB 509 (Simitian) and AB 1879 (Feuer), will establish a science-based process through Cal/EPA for evaluating and regulating chemicals of concern in consumer products. As California’s newly created, first-in-the-nation Green Chemistry program moves forward, many companies will face new challenges to evaluate and control the use of certain chemicals through their supply chains. KP has been an active participant in the Cal/EPA Green Chemistry Initiative process that helped transform the legislation from an outright indictment of specific chemicals to a more objective, science-based process for identifying, evaluating and, where necessary, regulating chemicals of concern. KP’s Green Chemistry practice will provide clients impacted by this new initiative with critical information, strategy development and implementation through our regulatory, legislative and public relations team of experts.

California agriculture is the most productive in the country, but farming communities face epic challenges in the areas of urbanization, labor, and environmental quality. These challenges continue as state officials propose new policies to limit the use of California land and water resources. KP Public Affairs has successfully represented farm interests on a wide range of issues including fee increases, drainage and water quality and supply.

Budget Advocacy (Budget Practice)
The annual budget dance is a convoluted process that is a mystery to many, but not to KP. Each year, we shepherd important funding decisions through the budget process for public agency and corporate clients. KP has a track record of successfully getting funding in both good and bad budget cycles and limiting the imposition of unnecessary fees on our clients. We have helped clients get funding for historic restoration work, water conservation projects and to pay for new programs that benefited state contractors. We also have successfully advocated for legislative appropriations of bond measures passed by the voters.

Business Regulation
KP Public Affairs represents a number of the state's leading business trade associations and has a long history of leadership in supporting governmental reforms. In the 1990s, KP Public Affairs led the campaign to require state agencies to consider the impact of new regulations on the state's economy and to establish economic impact as a significant factor in the regulatory process. In recent years, KP Public Affairs led the lobbying efforts to defeat onerous financial privacy rules and participated in the broader business community campaign to curb frivolous lawsuits.

For decades, KP Public Affairs has represented America's leading oil companies as well as numerous other energy-related clients in matters before the Legislature, the regulatory community and other policy-making bodies. KP Public Affairs has been involved in virtually every major change to the state's environmental and energy laws and regulations, and is universally recognized as the state's top strategic firm in this subject area.

Environmental Regulation and Legislation
KP Public Affairs has successfully represented companies large and small, from the top of Fortune's 500 to entrepreneurial startups, in helping business leaders work through some of the state's most controversial and complex environmental issues. Through its work with the legislature, the governor's office, state agencies and local air and water quality boards, KP’s environmental practice provides companies with strategic counsel and individualized assistance in mitigating adverse policy considerations and navigating the regulatory and legislative maze to achieve our clients' goals in the environmental arena.

As the world's fifth largest economy, new developments in California's laws and regulations often play an important role in shaping national and international policy. KP Public Affairs led efforts in interstate banking and privacy protection that have served as models for other states and the United States Congress, and KP is the firm of record for many of the nation's top financial institutions.

Health Care
Through its representation of several of California's health care organizations, KP Public Affairs has helped to develop and shape some of the most complex aspects of the state's health care and financing policies. Our extensive experience working with leaders in the legislative, administrative and regulatory arenas have resulted in a decade of success for our hospital and medical provider clients as well as millions of dollars in new financing agreements.

International Trade
California's geographic proximity to Asia has highlighted the importance of the goods movement industry, making it one of the fastest growing segments of the state's economy. As trade increases, the legislature and state and local regulators have proposed new fees and taxes and greater regulatory control over port activities. KP Public Affairs worked to defeat legislation designed to curb international trade. Additionally, KP has worked with business stakeholders to create CALTrade, a lobbying coalition whose mission is to impact state trade policies.

Local and State Government
California has major budget and revenue problems to resolve, and the decisions made at the state level can have significant impact on the overall business climate, funding for education and infrastructure development, and local finance. KP Public Affairs is unique in our capability to provide in-depth analysis and counsel to a wide variety of governmental entities, including municipalities, educational institutions and county governments. With formulas, allocations and special programs at risk, and an increasing trend toward shifting responsibility and risk to local government, KP has played a central role in providing critical information for a wide range of institutions outside the Capitol.

Natural Resources
California has a long history of leading the country in environmental protection. Land use, water, air quality, timber resource extraction, soil, wetlands, wildlife, native plants, coastal properties, mountain, desert and inland valleys – all come in for some of the most rigorous oversight and protection in the world. In many respects, the standards and restrictions invented in California have become the model for other states and nations. KP Public Affairs has been at the forefront of this evolving area of the law for more than three decades. Our knowledge of the issues and experience with the regulatory agencies involved cannot be matched by any other firm.

Landing a contract through the state procurement process requires an understanding of the inner workings of various state agencies and the Department of General Services. It can also require the ability to secure ongoing funding through the legislative budget process. Public policy expertise in KP Public Affairs' multiple practice areas helps inform our strategy and advocacy in almost every area of state procurement.

Project Siting and Property Development
Adhering to the state's complex permitting and siting requirements can become a perplexing and ongoing drain on a company's resources. KP Public Affairs has successfully managed the approval process for several new facilities in which numerous local and environmental issues had to be addressed. Over the years, KP staff have played key roles in helping to enact many of California's statutes in this area. Our familiarity with the decision-making process and with the leaders on all sides of these debates greatly enhances our ability to build coalitions and generate local community and media support which is often essential to protect the financial investments of our clients.

KP Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to tackle complicated tax issues that arise in the legislature or taxing agencies. KP has developed a specialty in providing our clients with detailed information and far-reaching reports that address the potential effects of legislative proposals that seek to impose new fees or taxes on selected industries. Working with economists and other financial experts, our advocates are armed with sophisticated financial analysis that often makes the difference between winning or losing.

Tort Reform
KP Public Affairs continues to lead California business coalitions who seek a fairer tort system. KP Public Affairs successfully represented a coalition of homebuilders in revamping California's construction dispute liability scheme. This multi-year effort began with the enactment of AB 1700 (Steinberg) that overhauled the pre-litigation dispute resolution process for condominium construction defect litigation. This success was followed by the enactment of SB 800 (Burton). SB 800 fundamentally changed the tort liability scheme for construction dispute cases. It contained the precedent-setting requirement that a homebuilder has the "right to repair" any condominium or single family home prior to being sued. KP Public Affairs has also represented lenders, insurers and other industries in efforts to reform the tort system.

Tribal Government
The growing empowerment of tribal governments throughout California is working profound changes in the public life of the state, opening new opportunities for government-to-government cooperation and economic development. KP Public Affairs provides strategic counsel, communications and public relations support, events coordination and public outreach for tribal governments as well as companies interested in new business opportunities in Indian Country.

Water Policy
No resource issue has had a greater or more contentious role in shaping the growth of California than water. KP Public Affairs includes several of the state's premier experts in water policy and development, which has enabled our company to remain at the forefront of decision-making for this most precious resource. Because water policy has far-reaching impacts that extend beyond storage and distribution to include many aspects of energy, land use and industrial and residential development, KP represents a broad range of interests on state and local matters.