Creating a successful public relations plan involves a lot more than media releases and news clips.

Public Relations

Successful public relations requires an understanding of the client's business, research and insight into the obstacles that have to be overcome, experience in shaping public opinion, a well-designed messaging program and the discipline to stick to it as well as the flexibility and creativity to respond quickly to an evolving situation.

At KP, effective communications are an integral part of everything we do. Our team of professionals has managed internal and external communications for some of the largest corporations in the world. We’ve helped to open multi-million-dollar casinos and major industrial plants, arranged for the preservation of thousands of acres of environmentally-sensitive lands, launched new products, and assisted with complex labor relations negotiations. A winning strategy often requires specific support in the following areas:

Strategic Counsel
KP puts primary emphasis on initially developing a comprehensive strategy that accurately reflects our client’s values and interests and that will accomplish their objectives. We continue to provide our clients with ongoing strategic counsel, recognizing that circumstances change and tactics often need to be revised.
Crisis Management
In a competitive political environment, anyone can become a target – not always because of what you do but sometimes because of who you are. Whether it involves politics, a natural disaster or an industrial accident, we have the resources, the experience, the agility and the commitment to tireless service to help our clients meet a crisis.
Reputation Management
KP provides public relations services for corporations of all sizes. We understand the needs of both national and international firms, and can create a public relations program based on the unique needs of an individual company.
Media Relations
KP has the media contacts and long-term relationships that are essential for managing day-to-day media relations for our clients. We organize major events, press conferences, editorial board tours and all the other elements that go into encouraging positive coverage or responding to negative reports where needed. But we also understand that sometimes the best media relations involve keeping our clients’ names out of the news.
Project Siting and Development
When a client plans to locate a facility in a new area, managing perceptions at the local level is often essential for winning regulatory approval and avoiding hostile intervention from outside interests. KP has the experience and the record of proven success that has provided winning strategies for industrial projects large and small throughout the state.
Coalition Building
Success can often depend on bringing together diverse groups that share an interest in a beneficial outcome. KP’s experienced professionals have helped to organize some of the largest coalitions in California history.
Grassroots Outreach
Building public support for an issue involves reaching deep into communities and working through grassroots organizations. KP brings our clients’ messages into the community centers, city halls, church buildings, and neighborhoods to help build support and communicate with the public at the local level.