We have comprehensive knowledge of the issues as well as the political experience to impact the rulemaking process.

Regulatory Practice

We understand the rulemaking process. KP’s team of experts evaluates the initial scoping and development of a plan. We help clients participate in the public comment period and formal hearings as well as navigate the agency process for adopting new rules.

We lead major efforts to shape regulatory policies. Our approach ensures that new policies consider issues such as cost benefit analysis, feasibility and efficiency. Our experience provides clients with a greater likelihood that their issues will be addressed.

We combine policy advocacy with a strong public affairs program. We have worked with numerous organizations to educate key audiences and effectively engage the public in the rulemaking process.

KP’s regulatory practice spans a broad spectrum of services which include the following:
    • •  Identifying key issues
      •  Advocating on behalf of our clients before most of the major state agencies
      •  Assisting clients in major procurement projects
      •  Securing grants and bond funding
    • •  Developing a communications plan and key messages
      •  Recruiting allies to participate in the proceedings
      •  Managing the issues to properly focus the public affairs community
      •  Shaping the media coverage

California has created the most stringent environmental regulations in the world. For the last 20 years, KP has been involved in nearly every major environmental law and regulatory effort, including AB 32 implementation and greenhouse gas regulations, California’s Green Chemistry Initiative and “Safer Substitutes” regulations, Brownfield and site cleanup standards, storm water policy and regulations and groundwater monitoring and protection programs. We also work on air quality issues, fuel regulations, energy efficiency standards and Proposition 65 listings and regulations.

Financial Services
KP has represented many interests in the financial services sector. Most recently, we helped lead the mortgage industry’s response to proposals aimed at addressing the current disruptions in the mortgage markets. We worked with the industry to address issues such as a proposed foreclosure moratorium, modification of the non-judicial foreclosure process, loan modification mandates and a potential ban or regulation of specific mortgage products. We worked closely with policymakers and other stakeholders to successfully put in place a comprehensive new regulatory system to license individual mortgage loan originators who are employees of non-bank mortgage lenders.

Health Care
Over the past two years, the health care industry has undergone tremendous scrutiny and change at the state and national level. Clients continually turn to KP to help them navigate an ever-changing regulatory arena and keep up with the latest laws and regulations. Our extensive experience includes working on regulatory matters related to licensing and certification of health care facilities as well as the regulation of health and dental plans subject to the Knox-Keene Health Care Service Act of 1975.

Labor & Work Force Issues
With the advantages to operating a business in California comes a myriad of compliance hurdles and regulatory expenses. Proposals are regularly introduced to change the workplace rules and often involve new fees, costs or benefit requirements. KP has helped shape the laws involving workplace rules and assisted companies in complying with occupational health and safety standards as well as permissible exposure limits for industrial chemicals.

Public Health
Policymakers establish the highest standards to achieve ambitious public health goals. As a result, there are numerous laws and regulations introduced each year to protect public health and safety. While the agencies are concerned with setting the standards, KP works with our clients to establish practical and achievable goals. We routinely engage in rulemaking involving health risk assessment guidelines, biomonitoring, food safety, pesticides and fee regulations.