Policy-Oriented Advocacy, Comprehensive Public Relations, Broad Expertise, Seasoned Professionals, and a Strong History of Success.

The KP Difference

KP Public Affairs offers all of the essential elements for developing a winning public affairs strategy – Policy-Oriented Advocacy, Comprehensive Public Relations, Knowledge-Based Analysis, Broad Expertise, Experienced Professionals, and the respect that is earned with a long History of Success.

The process of policy making is constantly changing in California. Term limits, changing demographics, technologically sophisticated interest groups, a savvy, activist-oriented population, and an economy large enough to influence markets and public policy decisions around the globe – all play a role. To succeed here, you need to recognize that California is not just a special place – it is a serious one. New business initiatives receive a more thorough review here than anywhere else. New ideas find more opportunities to take root and flourish.

KP Public Affairs is uniquely positioned to meet your needs. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of the law, the political environment and our clients’ specific business goals and objectives. Our success and the quality of service we deliver do not rise or fall with a change in political leadership. And with our emphasis on substantive analysis, KP is often called upon to lead negotiations on the major public policy issues facing the state each year.

We invite you to learn more about the combination of services and resources that KP offers. Let us help you design and execute a winning public affairs strategy.