We have been the largest advocacy and public relations firm in California for more than 20 years, but we provide our clients “small firm” service. We focus on the legislative and public relations wins, but do not lose sight of our client’s bigger business goals.

We craft marketing and reputation programs to drive attendance and increase awareness of K-12 and higher education institutions, including one of California’s premier private universities. We also develop advocacy strategies for K-12 institutions such as county offices of education. Our PR team develops marketing materials and communications strategies to drive participation and investment in cradle-to-career education initiatives that are designed to boost local economic development.
We boast unsurpassed energy expertise and knowledge, with broad legislative, regulatory and PR experience concerning fuels, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, energy efficiency, renewable energy, electric power, hydropower, transmission, energy storage, and battery power. On behalf of solar and wind energy, battery manufacturing, utility and energy development clients, we transform complex energy policies into understandable themes for public involvement.
On behalf of major film and television studios, theme parks and gaming interests, KP safeguards California’s entertainment industry from harmful legislative and regulatory proposals, and advocates for tax incentives to facilitate film and television productions in our state.
We reach beyond the legislative process and impact environmental rules throughout their many stages of regulatory development – the only successful method of impacting environmental policy-making in California. We shape solutions for clients governing consumer product health and safety, drinking water and cleanup standards for chemical contaminants, solid and hazardous waste management and recycling, air quality and toxic air contaminants, endangered species, forest practices and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA).
From our initial work in the 1990s opening California to interstate banking, to our continued work with numerous sectors of the finance industry, KP plays defining role for decades in every major and minor issue involving financial services. We represent banks, investment firms, mortgage bankers, and an online lending company.
Healthcare delivery is complex and constantly evolving, and your association, business, industry, products or healthcare practice can either quickly flourish or perish because of this changing marketplace. Our advocacy and public affairs capabilities draw on decades of healthcare experience to make sure our clients lead this change and succeed. Our team focuses on assertively pursuing policies that connect businesses, patients and healthcare practitioners to the best possible care and outcomes by emphasizing proven, high-quality products and services.
Building housing and developing land for housing in California continue to be risky ventures. Our lobbyists have been at the forefront of trying to improve the California regulatory climate for builders and developers. KP was instrumental in the enactment of Brownfields reform, school fee reductions, homebuyer tax credits, construction defect litigation reforms, and addresses climate change for land use and transportation.
With experience lobbying the Resources Agency concerning water and natural resources, we actively lobby the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Department of Forestry, Department of Oil and Gas and the Energy Commission, to name but a few. Subject areas covered by our representation include endangered species, fish and wildlife enforcement actions, oil and gas development, state water project operations, and development and implementation of the Delta Plan.
California’s complex regulatory system necessitates that local agencies engage with the state legislature and state agencies. Our advocacy team works with many local agencies to shape legislation mandating local agency action and works with state agencies to develop implementation programs that can be successful at the local level.
Our team features professionals with extensive experience in State Budget matters in all of the major subject areas. We assist our clients in securing government funding during the budget and agency implementation process.
Since tax issues touch almost every sector of the economy, KP has been involved in legislative battles over increased taxes and fees, as well as other efforts to provide or preserve tax credits. KP represents the “big 5” accounting firms before the state legislature and the Board of Accountancy, and our public relations team manages public education and outreach to support additional local investment in transportation infrastructure.
The technology industry has become a transformative area that far exceeds the traditional definition of the category – starting in one area and expanding into entirely new industry areas. KP is in the forefront of these changes; we are involved in sharing, privacy, autonomous vehicles, digital platforms, clean tech, drone technology, networking, and online services.
California boasts diverse travel and tourism assets, including theme parks, ski resorts, and wine regions, which must be protected. KP advocates for many of the premier travel and tourism-related companies who are either headquartered in California or have major operations in the state.
KP is well-regarded as a thought leader on California water supply issues. We represent Central Valley Project Contractors, State Water Project Contractors, and both agricultural and urban agencies throughout the state on water supply, water conservation, water rights fees, water quality, water delivery and a myriad of other related issues. We have led coalitions on a range of legislative issues including the 2009 Delta Reform Act.