California is ground zero for thought leadership – an environment that can be fruitful or full of risk. Success in California requires knowledge, experience, and winning strategies – that’s what we offer.

Legislative &
Regulatory Advocacy

Policy-based Advocacy. Political Savvy.

Legislative Advocacy

Our relationships can open the door to conversations, but our knowledge and credibility make the difference in achieving a meaningful result. We provide a fundamentally different product than our competitors through a combination of political understanding, policy knowledge, and dogged determination.

Regulatory Consulting

Old school lobbying focused on the Legislature only; the new reality is that many laws are written to give state agencies broad flexibility and authority over policy decisions. We make sure our clients win not only in the legislative arena, but also in the regulatory arena.

Public Relations

Impactful Programs. Powerful Outcomes.

Public Affairs

With a deep understanding of California policy and politics, KP has an experienced staff that manages California public affairs issues. We run complex issue campaigns to support legislative or regulatory efforts, build local or statewide coalitions, shape media coverage of an issue, activate third-party stakeholders, conduct grassroots outreach, create new champions, or pave the way for local program rollouts or project developments.

Marketing, Reputation Management, Crisis Communication

KP helps clients to develop a positive reputation, enhance their marketing programs, and expand awareness about their products and services. We help our clients hone their messaging, and then implement a strategic program to deliver those messages effectively to their key audiences. We know how to pitch the right reporters and editors with the right storyline and generate local, statewide, national, and industry media coverage.

Social Media, Digital Communications

Whether it’s generating social media content or running targeted digital campaigns, we know how to use online platforms and channels to amplify client messages and engage audiences. Social media is a means, not an end. We don’t treat it as a standalone tactic -­ instead we use it as an integrated tool that fits into a broader communication strategy. Done right, digital and social programs help clients build their following, engage their audiences, deliver their messages, and drive viewers toward their call to action.