The KP Difference

We have been the largest advocacy and public relations firm in California for more than 20 years, but we provide our clients “small firm” service. We focus on the legislative and public relations wins, but do not lose sight of bigger business goals.

Decades of Experience

Our professionals hail from the highest levels of government and business, having worked under a U.S. President, California Governors, legislative leaders and major California law firms, businesses, and associations. We’ve been involved in major infrastructure projects, helped to permit local developments, navigated crisis situations, and promoted big policy changes – and all of these experiences create the foundation for our client services.

Work until the Job is Done

We do business a little bit differently than other firms: we stay focused on achieving our client’s goals rather than providing basic representation or billing hours. We think creatively and follow through until we achieve the goal.

Strategy Leads Because the Best Strategy Usually Wins

We believe that individual tactics without a strategic framework, while sometimes successful in the short-term, are often ineffective in the long term. Our programs are based on an integrated process of policy research and understanding; identification of supporters, champions, detractors and vulnerabilities; strategic and tactical decision-making; and implementation of integrated programs.

Communicate Through a Variety of Channels

Decision makers are influenced by multiple messages. KP develops communication tools that make an impact on many different audiences through a variety of traditional and new media channels.

Dedicated Team, Big Bench – The Right Amount of Resources

We don’t promise one team and deliver another. We have long lasting relationships with our clients because we have the resources to dedicate to their issues . Our ratio of client-to-lobbyists is one of the lowest in the Capitol.

Proven Results

Our clients testify to our success. We work to achieve their goals in the Capitol. We win on the local level helping pave the way for new projects or programs. We secure funding or grants for our clients. We get media coverage in top tier national outlets . We build coalitions that kill bills or help new proposals move through the legislative process. We shape regulations that will impact an industry for years to come. The wins are big and small, and we’re proud of all of them.